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Click the link below to download your simplified Adapted Physical Education Lesson Plan. I invite you to explore the entire How To Be A Kid™; website. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or if you are interested in bringing How To Be A Kid™ to your school.

The fact is that given the challenges we face, education doesn't need to be reformed - it needs to be transformed."

Sir Ken Robinson

Meet Dr. Miller

Doctor, Mom and Advocate for Children's Health, Education and Well Being

My Favorite PT

The founder of How To Be A Kid™, Dr. Crystal Miller, is a practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy for over 14 years and an expert in human movement. Much of her expertise lies in making the body and mind part of the human experience. Dr. Miller has worked in a multitude of environments expanding to over 12 school districts, as well as work with Broadway performers, professional athletes, dancers, children’s hospitals, hospitals, both close to home and overseas.

Dr. Miller has been a part of an elementary school Social-Emotional Learning committee and has coordinated with several school districts to help synthesize her resources to bring movement and Sensate Learning™ methods into the classroom. Dr. Miller also draws inspiration from her unique collegiate education as part of the Delta College Program, where “real life learning” was the forefront of the program. Dr. Miller’s passion for improving the quality of education comes from the love of her three incredible children as well as her supportive husband and family.

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