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If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.

-Ignacio Estrada

The Way We Educate is Outdated....

Children are full of curiosity, imagination, and magic. So why does the average classroom not embrace that? Join the movement of passionate people, like you, truly looking to make a difference and inspire change in today’s school system. Together, we can create learning environments that go beyond traditional methods, tapping into the full potential of each and every child.

What is How To Be a Kid™ ?

The short answer; a professional development program for educators that provides strategies, resources and one on one support to deliver a whole body approach to education.

How To Be A Kid™ is a whole child, kid-centric approach to learning that teaches kids the way that kids learn and can be seamlessly integrated into ANY curriculum. The How To Be A Kid™ program has a strong base in Social-Emotional Learning and introduces the concept of Sensate Learning™ which incorporates the whole body and movement, engaging all of the senses in the classroom, creating an optimum environment for both students and educators. 

The goal of this program is to teach educators how to introduce deliberate and strategic movement into the learning process to enhance focus, retention, and comprehension. We do that through four key objectives:


Embrace The Whole Child

Integrating physical activity and movement-enhanced learning into the educational process, that engages the body, mind, and senses.


Re-evaluate The Way We Teach

Tapping into the power of the mind-body connection, and seamlessly bringing the full body into the classroom experience.


Empower Yourself

Expanding and enhancing your tools and resources to be the teacher and mentor that inspires, uplifts, and truly embraces the whole child.

Create Dynamic Environments

Creating more dynamic and effective learning environments, fostering better engagement, retention, and overall well-being in students.

A Message From A Local Teacher About How To Be A Kid™

nurture the whole child and inspire creativity

Rediscover the joy and magic of childhood – the innate curiosity, imagination and boundless energy. Engage with your colleagues and students to create dynamic classrooms that truly impact the children in them.

Evidence and research consistently support that incorporating movement into learning not only engages the body but also enhances cognitive processes and neurodevelopment. By embracing a holistic approach that integrates movement and the whole body, we can create classrooms that support optimal learning and development for every child.

How To Be a Kid

The Impact Speaks for Itself

"Dr. Miller's professional development sessions are well organized and interactive. Faculty and staff participants have reported that they found the sessions to be of great value. They found the strategies learned during the workshops to be easily transferrable into their instructional delivery. Additionally, Dr. Miller has a deft approach when working with students and her workshops can be tailored to address the developmental needs of the targeted student audience. Overall, Dr. Miller is a knowledgeable resource who is impassioned about empowering students. Her professional, friendly, responsive and supportive approach fosters staff "buy in" resulting in a highly collaborative professional learning experience for participants."



School District

"I LOVED the topics! I am a believer in more movement with kids. Kids are happiest when they move! Dr. Miller was amazing and if I could hire her to be in our building to continue to help change our culture, I would!"


Grade School

"I loved how we all participated in the activities and it was hands on. It allows us as teachers to get the full experience! I also LOVED that there was something to take away (a tool or strategy) in each topic!"



Grade School

"Dr. Miller provided examples of strategies teachers can use in the classrooms to help teachers guide their students. One of the things I found most valuable after our How To Be A Kid™ workshops were the collegiate conversations that resulted from our sessions. I worked with my colleagues to develop (and implement) a collaborative buddy experience between first and sixth graders!"



STEAM and Technology

Let's Talk About Changing The World

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